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The Schüco Window AWS 70 combines efficient solutions for a wide variety of functional, architectural and design requirements in one system: a high level of thermal insulation, narrow face widths and attractive vent contours as well as concealed, classic manual or integrated electromechanical fittings for inward and outward-opening windows.

Excellent thermal insulation with a basic depth of 70 mm: Uf value of 1.7 W/ (m²K) (face width 117 mm) Enhanced insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars Additional glazing rebate insulation can be used Available as crank-operated turn/tilt solution for large, heavy units Solution for easy-access patio and balcony doors in turn/tilt and double vent construction as well as outward-opening (side-hung and double vent construction) Use of crimped and nailed corner cleats, also as a new, additional connection option: screw-type connection technology to minimise noise generation and equalise tolerances Multi-coloured profile design Concealed drainage Drainage at the lowest profile point Completely concealed Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart system fitting up to 160 kg or with heavy-duty fitting up to 200 kg (turn/tilt) / 250 kg (side-hung) Vent profiles for Schüco TipTronic with vent weights of up to 160 kg Extensive range of profiles with face widths from 26 mm to 250 mm Insert outer frame with adapter gasket for different glazing thicknesses Burglar resistance up to WK3 (RC 3) in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627 (DIN EN 1627)

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