LSF Commercial


  • Designing reassurance from the first stroke of the pencil is often the desire of even the most innovative practice. Comar 6EFT is a proven, 50mm capped system, that has the potential of providing bespoke solutions, that exceed even the most stringent testing regimes.
  • Stick assembly
  • Square or over-lapping transoms
  • Suitable for inclined facades and roof glazing
  • Suitable for high rise applications
  • Unique cleating and bracket arrangement
  • Fast-track installation & precise fabrication
  • Drainage spouts ensure that water clears the facade maintaining year-on-year performance
  • Full range of high deflection load profiles to meet the most demanding facades
  • Highest Ix and Iy mullions and transoms on the market today
  • Mullion drained
  • To add feature to the facade a wide range of mullion and transom cappings including square, elliptical and bull noses
  • Designed, tested and audited to CWCT standards & recommendations
  • Comprehensive range of tie back brackets